F.L.Y. First Love Yourself – Israel – July



F.L.Y. – First Love Yourself
July 24 – 5:00 pm / July 27 – 4:00 pm

F.L.Y is a unique process designed to stimulate your love for yourself. Self love is not about luck, its our birth right, its our capacity to bring love to our heart.

What happen after you succeed in loving your self?   It will be easier to give love to others and to be able to receive love from them. You cannot really feel love from others if you are not able to love your self first.

F.L.Y. is an internal journey to new revelations. Who were you when you were born, without all the conditioning you received during your life?

We will explore the jungle of our negative thoughts. They are there, existing in our subconscious mind, for many years. We are not even aware how these judgments are so painful and destructive in to our every day life and in our heart. We wake up every morning, feeling trap by the prison of these judgments.

We are wondering in the world and in our daily lives, if the feeling that these voices are the truth. We go to sleep with the same negative voices, accusing us that we are somehow wrong, not enough, not ok.

We received these messages from parents, teachers, society, anyone who influenced us along the way. So day after day, year after year, we feel stuck in the eternal cycle of wrong-ness and self blaming. The reality is we live in one big misunderstanding about the true nature of who we really are, of the love we are.

In this process i guide you step by step to discover the truth of these voices. What is it behind these negative beliefs and thoughts? What is deeper than your daily limitations and pain ? What is it that really exists in your heart?

F.L.Y. will take you deep inside your self, with inquiring, somatic/body realisation, sharing, healing through trauma work and active meditation. You will come to realise that you are not your dark thoughts, failings or mistakes, and that your negative self-beliefs are sourced in the misunderstandings about your inner nature.

Gently and gradually you will begin to feel that something new is beginning to bubble in you. Your true nature and, the beauty of you. Your essence, intelligence, human sensitivity and your infinite potential.




Start: July 24 – 5:00 pm
EndJuly 27 – 4:00 pm 

Event Category: Psychology of the the depth

Workshop Type: De-Conditioning Process

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Website: https://sambhavo.com                



Leanne Vidas





Name: Birdwatch

Website: https://www.birdwatching.org.il/
Phone: +972-54-3971860
Email: sam.hafaka@gmail.com

We will be hosted at Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin workshops center: Jordan Valley Center with an enjoyable rural experience and a pastoral endless view of the Jordan Valley. The center is located in the Spring Valley, known as one of the most spectacular bird-watching sites in the world and is an attraction for birds, photographers and nature lovers from all over the world

Workshop Accommodations prices:
From 2700 NIS Registration fee: 300 NIS (offset by the price of the workshop)