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Path of Love – Moa Oasis – Negev Desert 

August 13 – 8:00 pm / August 20 – 4:00 pm


Have you been to the desert? The silence, the eternal silence of the desert … sands spreading unto eternity…a purity, a cleanliness. Going to the desert is only symbolic of going into meditation.” – Osho

There is a special beauty inherent in the great deserts of the world, and the one found throughout Negev in Israel is among that most spectacular desert you will ever see. From the vast infinite sand and rocks that dots the landscape to the fantastic culture and people to be met in this part of the world make the experience of the Path of Love Process a truly journey of a lifetime. 

Israel is a magic country and its culture encompasses the foundations of many other culture in the world, including philosophy, literature, poetry, art, mythology and mysticism.

Extraordinary Experience: While the daytime you are deep in the process and outside temperatures can soar desert, the nights cool off nicely. This makes for a great evening just sitting under the stars and shared the silence with the sky .

Astonish Views:  Your mornings will begin with sun rises that is simply out of this world. As the sunset over the sand, will move you deeper and deeper into the silence of your heart. You will be reminded of the way life used to be, simply and carefree, amazed at the vast swarths of sand and rocks that meet you at every step. At night, just gaze up at the sky and become immerse in the vastness of the universe. You will see more stars than you ever imagine existed.

Delicious Food: The staff of Moa Oasis know how to give participants the best. You will eat some of the most delicious, healthy, nourishing food you have ever had, with each dish being prepared in the spirit of love and care. This will be certainly a moment of resources, when after your intense day session, you will have time to enjoy the breaks and the taste of the meals.

Consider to have some days after the process to simply visit around the wonders of this country. There is so much to see and you will be happy to have made the journey in this special part of the world. 











Leaders: Sambhavo, Rupda

Start: August 13 – 8:00 pm
End: August 20 – 4:00 pm 

Event Category: Psychology of the Awakening

Workshop Type: Heart Opening / Longing /
Shadow Work / Life Meaning 

Full Price:  1.675 € + 21% VAT  Deposit: 300 € Early Bird Price: 1.525 € + 21% VAT 

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Name: Moa Osasis
Website:                                      Address:     Bus for Participants will leave from Tel Aviv at 14.00, address for the meeting point will be provided 2 weeks before the process start.


Created with ecological and holistic vision and built with local earth bricks and an architectural approach of simplicity and sustainability. Moa is a magical oasis surrounded by a vast ancient untouched desert, located along the ancient Nabatean incense route, between the legend city of Petra towards the seaport of the Mediterranean in an area recently declared as a world heritage site.


Accommodations Types

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Accommodations Prices

From the dinner of  August 13 till the lunch of August 20

Category A: Single room with private pool €215/night 
Category B: Single Room  €177/night
Category C: 2 Beds room  €121/night
Category D: 3 Beds room  €103/night
Category E: 4 Beds room €89/night
Rooms Price include breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea breaks.