When we are infants we have lots of needs, such as food, a safe environment and lots of loving human contact. If we are loved as children we have a good chance of being psychologically healthy. If we are not loved this is seen as a threat to our very existence. The young baby or child cannot deal with the intensity of the emotional pain involved, so it is repressed out of consciousness. This then becomes a pool of primal pain, and a defense system is set up to keep the primal pain out of conscious awareness.



Leslie Samot

I’m so grateful for what I went through in this process. I found answers which I was looking for a long time. I understood also what I have lived and most important I understood also what my parents lived in their own childhood. I could clearly feel a link form what happened to me as child and what happened to them as child and this is incredibly helpful. Before the process I was very scared and now I feel that I get back my power. Now I want to trust myself to follow my path and I want to keep nourish my heart. I know now how precious it is. 

Leslie Samot Project Manager France

Gabrielle Savi 

This process is very powerful to make you understand your wounds a to get rid of them. It gave me the awareness I needed in my life, to continue to develop myself and to expand. It open my heart to feel love and compassion for my parents and for myself. It helped me to get back strength and forces. I feel gratitude for myself. I feel a lot gratitude for the leaders, their container was very supportive, safe and loving. The structure of the process is very well designed. It help me to work in all my dimension: the body, the mind, the spirit. 

Gabrielle Savi Cranio-sacral Therapist France

Ronen Benshoshan 

Primal process was amazing. If every person on earth will do it, the world will have not problems! It was a very deep and strong experience for me, a journey in to my subconscious. A time out in my life to understand my past, even before I was born. A clean for a brighter future. Breaking the chain of misery. I f… love it. 

Ronen Benshoshan Business Manager USA

Rajani Kubota 

I’m very happy I have participated this group. Very much. This is being the most important step in my grow and development. Now only gratitude for these rare moments and this process, which seems very scientific to me. I could finally getting back my totality again. 

Rajani Kubota Body Worker Japan

Hagay Biderman

This has been a very deep and powerful journey an important step in my life to dive deep and investigate all my roots, my patterns, my wounds, and my conditionings. I got a clear view and picture of my history and my relationship with parents and my self. I was in silent and isolation from the world, and I love it, for focusing only on my self in very safe, supportive, loving amazing space. An important step in my development as human being and as therapist. 

Hagay Biderman Child Therapist Israel 

Sasha  Serbia

This is probably the most important work I have done in my life. It gave me understanding over all my conditioning I received in my childhood. The most important of all is the insight how we sabotage ourself to stay loyal to our parents.
Sasha  Serbia Tantra Facilitator 

David Alvado

The Primal process should be mandatory to every one. It helped me to become aware of a lot of important information and feelings that were blocked.
David Alvado Spain

Marta Bordi Ramiro

Primal has been a very deep and amazing 7 days process where I felt very much supported in all single aspects. It has given me lots of clarity and understanding where my patterns, negative emotions and reactions are coming from. I have the chance to review my childhood in a way I could have never thought before would be possible. It has for sure fulfill all my expectations. Seeing clearly what I missed as a little child gave me the tools for understanding what I needs as an adult.  I’m totally committed now to look after my self and my heart always and forever. 

Marta Bordi Ramiro Business Manager Spain

Pratiti Meunier

I cannot say in words what deeply this process gave to me. What it was the most important insight  is the difference between me as adult and me as little girl. A big awareness is coming now about why “we behave as we behave”, why we “adapted some particular strategies as patterns that as been driven my own life”. What I take home is a big clarity  a wide picture of my personal way of functioning and also the clarity that this is just a beginning and I’m curious to know how things will move and unfold in the next days, weeks, months, years. 

Pratiti Meunier Holistic Counselor Belgium

Premal Schmalzl

What this extraordinary process gave to me is to really see my Mother and my Father with my heart open. To feel my emotions. To connect to my little self inside. To know the story of my life that for so long I have forgotten. Its time now to open to  joy, to be alive, to breath and to walk my path – its beyonds words.

Premal Schmalzl Manager Austria

Nadica Rinic

An amazing journey that took me straight in to my soul, straight in to my heart. I knew it exist but I forgot how to get in touch with. To get in touch with my feelings again, to let them coming back. To see all these memories and let them emerge. To feel this warmth presence in me. Im realizing how the body store everything, and how precisely tell you what is about. So much silence inside now, so much peace. Im amazed about my self.

Nadica Rinic Project Manager in internation Humanitarian Organization France

Meriam Smyej

A meeting with my true self, a meeting with my true feelings, my true pains, my true fears, my true strength. A meeting with the truth! Beautiful and ugly truth. My life begin today. 

Meriam Smyej Communication Manager  Marocco

Eva Hari Prem

Primal it has been the most important process of my life. It made me realize that what happened was not ok. I don’t want to be on my own any more. What ever I’m going to do for the rest of my life I will not do it alone. I will start asking for help. Take care of my inner feelings. I’m asking now to the universe for support: please show me the way. 

Eva Hari Prem Yoga Teacher Sweeden

Hadji Alameer

I participating in so many groups before and this one its one of the deepest weeks I’ve done so far in my life. I can really see the actual change that happened during this process. I never understood my self and my life the way I understand it now. So many things in a very short time.  

Hadji Alameer Dentist Quwait

Anna Kononenko

The most priceless I received it is that I could feel the pain and wounds with my open heart. Before I couldn’t have look at my family story without rising up all my protection walls. I could not really understand what it was. All the stories were quite confuse and very intellectual in some parts. Now I’ve discovered the true and  to feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. Priceless I would say and fun too.

Anna Kononenko Psychologist Russia