I offer sessions and counseling to individuals, couples, via Skype.

Session provide a safe, empathic, loving atmosphere, where you can be yourself, feel your self, and express the truth of what you feel.  A space to share your experience, the journey in to your life and ask questions.

Through dialogue, inquiry, listening, deep connection with your body, we can bring new insight, perspective, and compassion to those areas of your life needing extra presence and attention. 

Some of the topics clients brought include: challenging ‘negative’ thoughts, difficult relationship, dealing with difficult feeling (sadness, anger, stress, anxiety, fear, obsession).   

You may prepare questions to explore, or just be in the session unprepared and see what happens in the moment.

While my background is in depth psychology – as well as in Transpersonal psychological, emotional healing, and trauma work with meditation-based approaches, these sessions are not intended to diagnose, assess, or treat deep clinical conditions, such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, or severe anxiety or depression disorders. 

The sessions are designed more in the here/now presence guidance, life-meaning direction, counseling, coaching, and consulting. To brings light in to the different and often opposite part of the self, guides into the awareness of who you are in the different circumstances of life.

About your session: at the time of the scheduled session, I will be on Skype, so please initiate a video call with me (my Skype username will be given to you when you book). 

Note: You will need to request to add me to your Skype contacts before your session. You will need a webcam with a microphone, and a reliable internet connection.

The sessions are 1 or 2 hours in length, depend by your request.

Please make sure you can be in a quiet space, with minimum distractions, to get the most from your session. Find a private place where you won’t be distracted. 

You may spend a few moments connecting with your self, feel your body, be present to the moment before the call begins.

For Info and Booking write: 

For Payment: By PayPal at or bank wire transfer in advance (ask for instructions).

Client comments: 

“I feel delighted with the memories of our private session and stunned by that delicate, tactful way you connected with my body. It’s such skilful, precise work to help people to get rid of their negative feelings.” Name: Elena, Profession: Lawyer, Country: Russia 


I am deeply grateful for the creative way in which you guided me and I have observed an enormous shift in me and in all the issues I brought to you.  I feel open now with the new resources that I want bring in to my life. Name: Peter Profession: Electronics Engineer (retired) Country: Netherlands


I found it a great experience to be mirror where I am in my life and to acknowledge once more that I am still a victim, an angry fighter, a judge, a failure, a loser, a perfectionist, a competitor  – all my shadow parts. I also found deep love, peace, harmony, sincerity, courage, a diamond inside. I have everything no matter if I call it shadow parts or bright parts, I need to own them all, every part of them, so that I can own myself and move forward and live my real life. Name: Limor, Profession: Couch, Country: Israel 


In these sessions I learnt to know myself more of what I was expecting or knowing before, and I had the courage to face things in me that I was denying. Most importantly, I can embrace now my true feeling no matter if its positive or negative. No more hiding and lying to myself and others. I am truly who I am in the good and in the bad and this is ok. Thank you. Name: Simona Profession: CEO Country: Italy