Whether you want it or not, your parents plant mental and emotional seeds in you. These seeds grow as you do. In some families, they are seeds of love, respect and independence, but, for many they are seeds of fear, obligation and guilt.

There are many parents who act abusively towards their children and engage in toxic behaviours that become consistent and dominant in a child’s life.
All parents make mistakes in upbringing. That’s normal, since there’s no perfect parent. But there is a clear line when too many mistakes, especially repeated abusive behaviour towards children, that leads to a toxic home environment, resulting in severe emotional damage to an innocent young person.

Parents who carry a promise of love and care, while at the same time mistreat their child, are called toxic or negative parents. Almost all parents say they love their children, and they usually mean it. But love involves much more than just providing a house and 3 meals a day.
What parents call love rarely comes up as nourishing, comforting, encouraging, respectful, valued and accepting behaviour. Parents usually do extremely unloving things, in the name of love. That is how the parent causes great emotional damage to their children. Lost childhood, depression, anxiety, crippling feelings of guilt and shame, and low self-worth are only some of the frequent effects of a toxic upbringing.

On top of that, we all tend to repeat familiar patterns of feelings, no matter how painful and self-defeating they may be. In other words, children of toxic parents try to reenact their old, painful experiences in other adulthood relationships. Consequently, a double damage is being done. Children of abusive parents tend to become their own abusers.

It is important to start awakening to the truth that there is nothing inherently wrong with our being – it is our relationship with our self and with life that has been conditioned to be wrong. And that relationship was formed in early childhood.

It should be our priority to stop letting our experiences of the past dictate how we respond to our life today. It cannot be done without revisiting our childhood.

This Primal seven days process is residential, in silence and in isolation with a limited number of participants. For applying you need to do an interview.


What People Are Saying


The most priceless I received it is that I could feel the pain and wounds with my open heart. Before I couldn’t have look at my family story without rising up all my protection walls. I could not really understand what it was. All the stories were quite confuse and very intellectual in some parts. Now I’ve discovered the true and to feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. Priceless I would say and fun too. Anna Kononenko (Psychologist Russia)


I participating in so many groups before and this one its one of the deepest weeks I’ve done so far in my life. I can really see the actual change that happened during this process. I never understood my self and my life the way I understand it now. So many things in a very short time. 
Hadji Alameer (Dentist Kuwait)


I’m so grateful for what I went through in this process. I found answers which I was looking for a long time. I understood also what I have lived and most important I understood also what my parents lived in their own childhood. I could clearly feel a link form what happened to me as child and what happened to them as child and this is incredibly helpful. Before the process I was very scared and now I feel that I get back my power. Now I want to trust myself to follow my path and I want to keep nourish my heart. I know now how precious it is. 
Leslie Samot Project Manager France


Primal process was amazing. If every person on earth will do it, the world will have not problems! It was a very deep and strong experience for me, a journey in to my subconscious. A time out in my life to understand my past, even before I was born. A clean for a brighter future. Breaking the chain of misery. I FUCKING love it. 
Ronen Benshoshan Business Manager USA



I’m very happy I have participated this group. Very much. This is being the most important step in my grow and development. Now only gratitude for these rare moments and this process, which seems very scientific to me. I could finally getting back my totality again. 
Rajani kubota Body Worker Japan