F.L.Y. –
First Love Yourself

Osho Miasto Italy, 4-7 April 2024

learn to f.l.y. 

F.L.Y is a unique process designed to stimulate your love for yourself. Self love is not about luck, its our birth right, its our capacity to bring love to our heart.

What happens after you succeed in loving your self?  It will be easier to give love to others and to be able to receive love from them. You cannot really feel love from others if you are not able to love yourself first.

F.L.Y. is an internal journey to new revelations. Who were you when you were born, without all the conditioning you received during your life?

We will explore the jungle of our negative thoughts. They are there, existing in our subconscious mind, for many years. We are not even aware how these judgments are so painful and destructive to our every day life and in our heart. We wake up every morning, feeling trapped by the prison of these judgments.

We are wondering in the world and in our daily lives, with the feeling that these voices are the truth. We go to sleep with the same negative voices, accusing us that we are somehow wrong, not enough, not ok. We received these messages from parents, teachers, society, anyone who influenced us along the way. So day after day, year after year, we feel stuck in the eternal cycle of wrong-ness and self blaming. The reality is we live in one big misunderstanding about the true nature of who we really are, of the love we are.

In this process I guide you step by step to discover the truth of these voices. What is it behind these negative beliefs and thoughts? What is deeper than your daily limitations and pain? What is it that really exists in your heart?

F.L.Y. will take you deep inside your self, with inquiring, somatic/body realisation, sharing, healing through trauma work and active meditation. You will come to realise that you are not your dark thoughts, failings or mistakes, and that your negative self-beliefs are sourced in the misunderstandings about your inner nature.

    the truth about you

    Gently and gradually you will begin to feel that something new is beginning to bubble in you. Your true nature and, the beauty of you. Your essence, intelligence, human sensitivity and your infinite potential.

    The love that you are as a human wakes you up. You were meant to be free because freedom is the ultimate destination that you are.

    F.L.Y. is a space of healing on the way to self-love, through precisely the same love, with self-forgiveness, with the support of the group and with the deeper connection to this amazing cosmic existence that we all are part of.

    F.L.Y. Process Points:

    • Honouring who you really are.
    • Love is your birthright.
    • Exposing your truth.
    • You are a powerful being
    • You are capable of creating your own life.
    • You have the capacity to choose
    • You are constantly moving.
    • Anger, fear, sadness serve an important purpose.
    • Self Forgiveness is your realization.

    Are you interested in restoring this natural quality back in to your life? If so, I welcome you to join F.L.Y. “First Love Yourself”.


    This process gives opening, and there is a chance that you will have a new perspective on reality; yes it happens within three days, once you experience a taste of new energy, a taste of love, a taste of renewed hope, you will not get lost anymore. Come as you are. You are invited to come with your fears, resistance or shame. Come with doubts. Come with the desire for change, with hope … something new is going to happen. Come with the pain. Come with the desire to rediscover the love that you are.

    Our space is safe and secure for people who want to do their very first group experience, to understand meditation and to start a personal inner journey. The process requires openness, emotional exposure and presence. Our space is for heart work.

    Start: April 4  –  9:30 pm
    End:   April  7  –  4:00 pm 

    Workshop Type: De-Conditioning Process   
    Organizer: Osho Miasto


    Place: Italy, Tuscany, Osho Miasto




    Since the last F.L.Y. workshop Im experiencing my transformation in every aspect of my self. I’m discovering my sexuality, my beauty and my femininity. I’m doing without compromising and with a lot of courage combined with softness and a new confidence in me and in my body. And finally after all most 10 years I have allow my self to be with a man. It was beautiful and loving, and I was the initiator. I have allow my self to enjoy the experience and give in completely. Although it ended after 2 weeks, it made me happy and grateful for the new love in my body, a new love between me and my self.



    It has been almost 3 weeks now and I still have a fresh, vivid memory of the F.L.Y. process in me. The third day of the course, when we were consciously facing and saying the final farewell to all our judgements, I had the greatest and the most powerful moment of my life. I felt as I can look now at myself from a different perspective. It came that I can be now be a friend to myself and not always be the biggest critic, blaming for everything I do and everything I feel. Maybe it sounds obvious but it was a real revelation for me because even though my mind was telling me that I have to accept myself, I never had an internal feeling of total self acceptance and self love. And on that day, I actually FELT a real compassion and love toward my own being. It made me realise that I finally beat my inner demons.



    After F.L.Y. I have started my journey and I know I have many more steps ahead of me. But I am walking on this journey with a lot of love, so thank you for creating these wonderful workshops that changed my life. I am experiencing my longing for love every day, I am smiling, laughing, daring, loving and all an all very happy with the new energy in my life. 

    Anat Gross


    An intimate relationship is one that allows you to be yourself. Can you allow yourself to be yourself? The most important relationship in life is the one with yourself.

    courage is a loveaffair with the unknown.