Freedom from the past

In this second step process you will reveal the many layers of the false Self, becoming aware of what life can be like if you would be who you were born to be.

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Like it or not, your relationship with your parents will have a lifelong influence on the way you behave with people, move into life, and love your self. If you are lucky, that legacy will be an overwhelmingly positive one. But what happens when you are raised by difficult, negative, abusive parents?

How can you free yourself from that negative legacy?  How can you overcame that pain? How can you stop attracting again and again the same type of dysfunctional people into your life?  Where do your behaviour patterns come from?  Why do you react in certain ways to certain specific situations again and again?

Within your own family, as a child many times you may have felt  abandoned, abused and neglected. In order to avoid this painful situation and to be loved, you tried to be as your parents wanted you to be, adopting their psychological attitudes, emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Often in families you assume roles to hide behind and thus shut off from your authentic self and your true nature.

This how your personality gets formed, how your false Self developed wrapped over your heart in plastic layers of numbness. Now, you still move as false identity, playing roles and attitude when your only longing is to be loved, but unconsciously, you’re re-creating the same painful situations you experienced when you were a child.

In the Primal Process you dig in to your past and open to your painful feelings. You discovered and felt your wounds of not being seen, being misunderstood and not having been accepted as you are. You deeply inquired, cried and screamed your primal pain. In this second step we will go even deeper and reveal the many different layers of the false Self, becoming aware of what life can be like if you could be who you were born to be.


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This ten day residential Process, is only for participants who has done previous Primal work, or any other deep childhood de-conditioning work as Freedom Process, Hoffman Process, Pennighann work. You will be in silence and isolation with a limited number of participants. 



This Process  is not a process like any other process I ever done, and I’ve done a lot. The word that comes to my mind is ‘reset’. Like a deep cleanse. This group give the opportunity to clear every conditioning that doesn’t serve us anymore. With awareness, love, and with deep understanding. That is the real freedom as I see it.  


Therapist, Israel

This process is not only one of the greatest gifts I gave to my self, it’s also one of the greatest gift I gave to my loved ones. In this process I discovered so much about patterns and pains that I was subjected to from a very young age. They were crystallized issues in my life that prevented me from exploring my potential, from truly expressing myself. After the process, I met my sister and to me and her it felt like we met each other for the first time. When I got back home I had the same experience with my mother. Our connection is more present and more loving than ever I had and I give the credit to what I found through the process.


Engineer, Israel

I finished the Freedom form the Past three month ago and I am still discovering what this has brought to my life. I am not the same, I have new maturity that I have never had before. I have more trust in myself to stand to whatever comes, open for the adventure of the unknown.


Engineer, UK

If you want to fly,
give up everything that weighs you down.