Path of love

Israel, 12 – 19 April 2023

a life-changing process

The Path of Love 7-Day Retreat is the centerpiece of our work. We began leading it in 1995 and it now takes place in 14 countries around the world. Thousands of people’s lives have been deeply transformed by their participation in this retreat.

A new beginning…a second chance. Once you taste it you never forget it! This process is about being real. The Path of Love opens your eyes and empowers you to live the life you dream is possible – a life full of authenticity, joy and connection.

The Path of Love is an intense and effective developmental process, which will support you to find inner resources to transform your life. Integrating the latest research and understandings in scientific and spiritual development, this work teaches the tools necessary to access and develop your emotional intelligence, facilitating a shift in self-awareness, empathy and motivation. This inner shift has a direct effect on your state of well-being, outer confidence and interpersonal relationships.

your longing will take you where you need to go

Path of Love is for people who long for deeper meaning and more honesty with themselves and others, who are tired of being enslaved by their fear and resignation, and have come to realise that if they want to change the world they have to start with themselves.

The process is called “5 years of transformation in one week”, This personal development retreat will challenge and enrich you, and give you the meaning and fulfilment we all long for.

This retreat will help you to develop the ability to make deep, authentic contact with yourself and others; find the courage to stand up, be honest, and discover what is stopping you from being real; address, genuinely feel, and work through pain from past and current relationships; and reduce the dominance of the mind, and find what it is to be still and present. This results in an increased capacity to live in honesty and dignity, with an underlying sense of peace, love and purpose in life.


Start: August  20  –  8:00 pm
End:   August  27  –  2:00 pm

Workshop Pricing: Price: €2.195 + 22% VAT

Leaders: Sambhavo, Abigail
An interview with a facilitator and submitting an appliction form.


Organizer: Path Retreats
Phone: +39.347.5051418
For Info & Bookings Contact:
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Place: Meoz HaDarom, Negev Desert, Israel
Description: Moa is an astonishing retreat center in the Negev desert, south of Israel. It is surrounded by a vast ancient untouched desert, located along the ancient Nabatean incense route, between the legendary city of Petra towards the seaport of the Mediterranean in an area recently declared as a world heritage site 

Food & Accommodation:

Category A: Single (private pool) 1.050 Shekel/day

Category B: Single (Normal) 750 Shekel/day

Category C: Double (private pool) 650 Shekel/day

Category D: Double (Normal) 570 Shekel/day

Category E: Triple 490 Shekel/day 

Category F: Quadruple 350 Shekel  /day 

(Food is Vegetarian and Vegan)

How to reach the Venue:

On Saturday 20th of August at 14.00, outside the Train station in Arlozorov / Savidor (opposite of the main entrance of the trains) there is a little parking place and a Bus will leave with all the participants to Moa. Cost for the transportation will be around 150 Shekel to be paid directly to the driver. The same bus, on the 27th of August, will take all the participants back at the station Arlozorov / Savidor in Tel aviv, leaving Moa around 4pm and reaching Tel Aviv around 19,30. You can also reach the venue by yourself here is the link for the navigation:

REGISTRATION: Application Form and Interview. After filling up the Application Form, we will contact you to arrange an interview with one of our Path of Love Facilitators. Interview is a prerequisite for participating in the Path of Love and also to receive important information for the process. 




I love the Path of Love process! It has helped me in so many ways through life, none the least, opening my voice and giving it new breath and new depth. And for me that’s always a proof of inner expansion. It is a spiritual ‘spring clean’.

Deva Premal

Musician Germany

I was introduced to the Path of Love in 2011 and took part in the Process without knowing much about what I was letting myself in for! I was skilfully disarmed by the loving expertise of the facilitators and by the sheer beauty of this Process and had a deep experience that stays with me to this day. It is now my honour to accompany others through these extraordinary and magical days. Each time we reach the end I step back, rub my eyes and marvel at the transformation that happens. I feel lucky to have been led here.

Simon Matthews

Facilitator & Psychotherapist UK

The Path of Love is about reconnecting with life and its essential nature of love. It is love for self, love for others and love for all beings as well as a profound experience of Universal Love. An unimaginable gift I completely recommend.

Steven Cohen

MD, M.P.H Professor and Chief of Dermatology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Visiting professor Yale University USA

It is for people who long for deeper meaning and more honesty with themselves and others, who are tired of being enslaved by their fear and resignation, and have come to realize that if they want to change the world they have to start with themselves.’

Courage is a love affair with the unknown.