Primal process

Meet your inner child. Meet your wound with awareness and understanding. Break the chain, and transform your anger and resentment into love and compassion.

return to innocence…

Pain can be passed on, from generation to generation. Hurt people hurt people. No other relationship, than the one with your parents, has such a lifelong influence on your personality, behavior, and self-worth. How can you free yourself from that legacy especially when it is negative? 

It is important to start awakening to the truth that there is nothing inherently wrong with our being – it is our relationship with ourself and with life that has been conditioned to be wrong. And that relationship was formed in early childhood. This process is designed to break through different layers of emotional pain. 

After all, it is only you that is responsible for how you see yourself and experience your life, free from the past. It should be our priority to stop letting our experiences of the past dictate how we respond to our life today. It cannot be done without revisiting our childhood.

Meet your inner child. Meet your pain with awareness and understanding. Break the chain, and transform your anger and resentment into love and compassion. Embrace and bring forgiveness to your past and get to know the true meaning of unconditional love; the love that you already are, beyond all stories of pain and conditioning.

About the Process

  • Supported by meditation, a safe space to feel, deeply listen and investigate, you will have the opportunity to deeper understand, release, and re-connect with the innocent and pure alive child that is inside waiting to be seen, embraced and expressed.
  • Together we’ll journey back into our childhood and find out what it is that has happend to you and your inner child. What are the early decisions you have made as a child, to survive? Which manifested in your personality and that have resulted in the perceived limitations, self-destructive patterns of pain, addictions, and codependency issues that you face today.
  • This 7 day primal process facilitates profound understanding and ultimately brings healing, compassion and forgiveness to yourself (and your parents). It is the opportunity to break the chain, release memories of pain and conditioning stored in the mind and -physical, emotional, and energetical- body, so that you can matur, return to innocence, and live the life you actually want to live, free from the past.

reclaim your childhood

‘Whatever is repressed will have to be witnessed; whatever is buried inside will have to be faced. Wherever we have made ourselves blind, we will have to create eyes. We will have to undo the things we were taught to do as children and redo them in a totally different manner. We will have to return to that point in our childhood at which our energy was stolen. This is why all religiousness is nothing but the reclaiming of childhood.’

    upcoming courses

    This Primal seven day process is residential, in silence and in isolation with a limited number of participants. Part of the application process will be an interview.

    5-11 July – Siena – Italy                     


    Love’s revenge…
    is a return to innocence.
    The journey in between,
    is uncovering the unseen.
    Healing a wound never really there,
    yet infusing it with a mothers care.
    Taking the hand that’s guiding me,
    I trust that I might actually be free.
    Moving through the darkest of night,
    I find the brightest ever shining light.
    Confusion is a dance,
    the hurt a call to presence.
    It is the heart that persists,
    revealing it is only love that exists.
    Wake up my child,
    we’re going home.
    Because love’s revenge,
    forever is a return to innocence.


    The most priceless I received it is that I could feel the pain and wounds with my open heart. Before I couldn’t have looked at my family story without rising up all my protection walls. I could not really understand what it was. All the stories were quite confusing and very intellectual in some parts. Now I’ve discovered the truth and to feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. Priceless I would say and fun too.

    Anna Kononenko

    Psychologist, Russia

    This has been a very deep and powerful process. An important step in my life to dive deep and investigate all my roots, my patterns, my wounds, and my conditioning. I got a clear view and picture of my history and my relationship with my parents and my self. I was in silent and isolation from the world, and I loved it, for focusing only on my self in a very safe, supportive, loving amazing space. An important step in my development as a human being, and a therapist. 

    Hagay Biderman


    Primal process was amazing. If every person on earth will do it, the world will have not problems! It was a very deep and strong experience for me, a journey in to my subconscious. A time out in my life to understand my past, even before I was born. A clean for a brighter future. Breaking the chain of misery. I FUCKING love it. 

    Ronen Benshoshan

    Business Manager, USA

    ‘primal is a profoundly clarifying and effective healing process, that ultimately is revealing the innocent truth of your ever remaining loving essence, beyond all stories and conditioning.’

    When sadness comes, accept it. Listen to its song. It has something to give to you. It has a gift which no happiness can give to you, only sadness can give it.