Sambhavo is a highly qualified therapist with a passion for human potential and self-discovery. He started working as a therapist at the age of 25 after graduating with a degree in Clinical Psychology, has over 20 years of experience in personal development groups and therapeutic work, was a teacher and researcher at the University of Florence (which he loved!), and has a PhD in Psychology.

Sambhavo has created and is now running his own therapy groups around the world, but at a young age he began his own journey of self-discovery by participating in many therapy groups – anything he felt would be effective. He says, “You cannot really work with people without working on yourself. If you don’t work on yourself first, it will be impossible to create radical transformation in other.”

When Sambhavo tried the Path of Love group, it was love at first site…he experienced Path of Love as one of the most beautiful powerful groups he had done in his life. Afterwards, he thought, “What did this group give me that other groups did not? To open my heart on a level that is unconceivable. What a gift to feel you heart open, that is not only your heart, its heart that belongs to the others too, you feel it, they feel it. ” Even to say your own heart is no correct. There is not something like my own heart. When touching this heart space, you are in deep connection with the core heart of the existence that is all dimension living.

As a student, teacher, and researcher, he learned many therapeutic approach and methodology, but when he became involved in meditation and awareness work, his passion and longing to help people led him to realize that, “Just therapy is not enough, you need to move deep in to meditation, discover the invisible behind the visible, feeling the spirit, touching the soul, moving behind the mind, opening all dimensions of the being. Feeling that presence/light that is behind all your doing and happening of your life. Good and bad, ecstatic or sad the light is always there, shining, present, watching. Found and feeling this light is a great miracle in a person life.”

When asked to talk about the Path of Love work, he said, “Path of Love is a process that it make experience people the possibility to connect and feel themselves, starting (maybe for someone, the really 1st time) to have an awareness of their own feelings, and to become empathetic with the feelings of others. And once this emphatic heart field of feelings happens, a place of vulnerability and openness start to happen. And then each single heart becomes one heart in the group. And each one story becomes your own heart story.

Compassion arises as natural, spontaneous love flowing from 1 heart to others hearts. It is really something you can touch, experience, feel. It makes you ecstatic, realizing this spaceof not separation. Feelings that you have your own heart, but there is an element of your heart that belongs to everyone hearts and vice-versa. As the group progression of the days happen, people become even experience this with existence around. Sky, birds, trees, sea … whatever is around, the experience of life its tangible felt as more vivid and colored, giving the feelings of belonging to your deepest core. So this oneness feeling of the heart bridge you to the existence.

When people finish the Path of Love they have a huge capacity to empathize with people and nature. You go to the sea, and you feel the sea. Not just water, but a clear feeling that it touches your heart, your belly, all your body. You feel the sea not separate from you. This is what happens when people finish the group, they have an incredible capacity to feel, to sense. I must say that all the senses are much more powerful and open than before. Everything is more sensitive a perceptible. Even when the people speak, you can feel that they are not just words that they speak, they are words from their own heart and they touch you deeply.

No one would come out of a Path of Love and say: “nothing happened to me.” It is going to melt you. That is what is unique about this process, the deep connection with others, with the existence, with all. Opening the heart, moving your feelings, a natural arising of compassion and the melting of any separation in one deep feeling of belonging with the existence, this is what Path of Love is. That is the miracle, the alchemy, the transformation.”
When talking about why he loved this Path of Love work, Sambhavo shared, “Why I love Path of Love is that it resonates with what I loved from childhood, which is when people are true.

That is why I chose to study psychology and to become a psychotherapist. I want to know what make people crying, happy, or ecstatic. There is not fakeness in the deep tears or laugh or joy. There is not falseness in deep red sunset on a blue sky. But sometimes you see the sunset covered by the smog of a city and hardly you can see the sun and his red. Because I want feel existence in a deep core of the being and people in their deep true, I choose to support people evaporate their smog from their being and heart, encouraging them to empower in any aspect of their life. This is what I’m passionate for and this what Path of love is.”

When asked whether he wanted to share anything personal, he said, “I like momentum. I’m passionate for it. The feeling of being in the right place at the right moment, living my life in a challenge way and feel fulfilled and in that moment a sense of eternity and love melting together. This is my momentum. If you don’t experience “momentum” in your life, you are very scared to live and to die.

Path of Love brings a lot of this momentum, because when people are opening, sharing them self at the core of their life, they naturally jump in to the momentum. This feeling of momentum, being open, present, connected

Sambhavo is one of the most experienced Path of love Leader. He led, all over  the world, in these last 15 years, more than 60 Path of Love and he still currently lead in Greece, Israel, India, Mexico and Italy in english, Italian and Spanish.