Walking the path

Greece, 19-22 September 2020

standing in your own truth

Remember how you felt on the last day of Path of Love? Honest. Awake. Grateful. Free. Compassionate. Real. Connected. If you are a graduate of the Path of Love 7-day retreat, you may be wondering, what is the next step? Now that I am starting to understand who I am…my individuality and uniqueness…my limitations and my shadow…my beauty and my potential…how can I further my experience? What will attending the Walking the Path retreat bring to my life?

The 4-day Walking the Path advanced personal growth and development retreat helps integrate the deep openings which you experienced in the Path of Love 7-day retreat.

When you do inner work, you experience moments of standing in your own truth. Confusion, loneliness, and separation are replaced with clarity, love for yourself and others, and connection. A space is created between what you think you are…and who you really are. Living and maintaining that truth in your life takes courage, commitment, and a willingness to learn from your “wobbles” and failures.

In this powerfully transformational retreat, you will become aware of how you sabotage and compromise your inner knowing…your truth. Through the power of honest inquiry and exposure and the support of the group, you will strengthen your courage to be real, and through that find self-esteem, and dignity. This gives you the strength to show up and integrate the challenges of your life in a more conscious and embodied way.

    What they say…

    Everyone who does Path of Love needs to do this work. It
    really takes it to a different level.

    This really is the next level, the next step.

    Path of Love opened the door. Walking the Path showed
    me how I can really live.

    I found an intrinsic self-value and self-worth. A quiet

    Profound insight. I had shifts I didn’t expect.

    Extremely powerful, subtle, strong, very to the point,
    different from what I expected…exceeded all expectations.

    I came with the issues I wanted to work on, but this just
    went so much deeper.

    I am in a different place than before…one I couldn’t have

    Very skillful and precise how it builds on Path of Love.


    Start: September 19  –  8:00 pm
    End:   September  22  – 4:00 pm 

    Workshop Type: Advance course
    Groupleaders: Rupda and Sambhavo
    Participation in Path of Love.   

    Organizer: Path retreats


    Place: Arilas, Corfu, Greece
    Venue: Gayatri Mandir
    Description: The Gayatri Mandir is a new sacred (music) temple in the sleepy village of Arillas, Corfu (Greece).

    Just minutes from the beach, hotels, and restaurants, it provides the ideal location for festival goers wanting to enjoy the celebration while at the same time being close to all their needs.

    The Mandir itself is perched on a hill and set among ancient olive groves with excellent views of the sea and several outlying islands.

    Accommodation & Food:

    €765 + VAT.
    Food and Accommodation will be in addition to the workshop price. Please contact rupda@pathoflove.net for more details.


    Come to Walking the Path…a deeply enriching and life-transforming 4-day meditation retreat. Learn how to live your truth, every day of your life.